Makeup Products for Glowing Skin!


Makeup products to help you create glowing skin!

It's a million below zero here in Toronto at the moment, and I have been very diligent about protecting my skin and making sure that it is hydrated to the max!

As a professional makeup artist, my clients and girl friends look to me for product suggestions and advice.  I have to admit that I am not always faithful to a product, however, there are a few gems that I will reach for time and time again.

At the moment here are my must-have products to help you create glowing skin this season!

1. Is one of my newest favs! It's a certified, organic Rose Hip Oil serum that helps with hydration, combat oiliness, wrinkles, acne scars and a dozen other things.  Simply apply a few drops to damp skin, and your face will be left dewy and hydrated!

2. Next up is my most favorite foundation primer product.  I have been using this product for years now.  It's called invisi-line by Motives (Nanoblur is a close second), and I love the texture, the airbrush effect it provides and I always apply a thin layer before my foundation.

3. This foundation is light and offers high coverage.  It comes in a tube, but feels like a whipped cream.  Physician's Formula Youthful Wear is one of my cheap and cheerful foundations hands down!  Oh and did I mention, easy to apply and comes with a brush too!?

4. Laura Mercier - I love you! This little trio product hides blemishes, dark circles and even gives you a pot of powder to set everything so there are no tell-tale signs that you even had anything to hide in the first place! I've been using this pot for years!

5. Mineral Veil with SPF is what I wore on the beach during my recent trip to Mexico - yes to the beach!! It's a finishing product that  you can wear alone or overtop of your foundation.  It has an SPF factor and I use it overtop of my sunscreen when I am on vacation.  It's a must-have for me to pack along on any trip or on a regular school run day!

Have a look at one of my TV appearance to learn more tips on how to protect  your skin during the cold winter months!

Stay warm!


Nicki's Beauty Haul

I've been a professional makeup artist for over 12 years

and a product junkie for about 40!  

Here is my first Nicki's Beauty Haul on life i design!

I often don't buy the same product twice, as I am always trying new lotions and potions.

Here is my latest product haul.  Not a big one, but definitely products I'd buy again {the eye makeup remover is my second purchase}

Nicki's Beauty Haul

1. Cake - Vanilla Snow Woman Velveteen Hand Creme {it's thick, absorbs quickly and smells like marshmellows}

2. Body Shop, Nutriganics smoothing mask {for anti-aging and clogged pores}

3. Nanoblur, this little gem is a primer for OVER-TOP of your foundation.  It smooths out pores, lines and evens out the skin.  It's great for a matte finish.  Just like an airbrush in a tube.  I love this one!

4. Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover {perfect for removing mascara and safe for contact wearers}

Have you tried any of these products?!