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I'm teaching my very first online calligraphy class

When I started life i design just over 5 years ago, I had an idea about what I wanted to do for a new career/business, I just had no idea what I was doing

I knew I wanted to make art, sell art, and live a life that suited my personality and passions.  I just didn't know who I was as an artist, how to start a website, how to open an online shop or how to create graphics and take photos to help sell my art.

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Where Women Create Artist Feature - Nicki Traikos

Earlier this year I did something that terrified me.  One morning, when I had trouble focusing on what I needed to do next in my day, I sat with a cup of coffee in hand, eyeing a magazine that is never far from me. Then bang! something hit me.  I needed to express gratitude.  Something inside me urged me to send an email to the editor of one of my favourite magazines

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