Beautiful Moments Whilst Celebrating a Birthday!

I always say that everyone should enjoy champagne on their birthday and that I did!  But this birthday was a little bit different than all the rest.

This year, I didn't plan anything, I rather went with the flow and enjoyed being in the moment.  Leading up to my actual birth-day, I had quiet moments to contemplate where I had been, where I was going and who was by my side.

Yup! I got deep and went inward to discover that as I grow older and wiser, I am more clear about what is most important to me.  At the very core of who I am, is really about being able to enjoy beautiful moments that I spend with beautiful people.  It made me think about the experiences that I wanted to have, the relationships that I want to grow and the people that I want to spend more time with!  

In essence, it's having more time to enjoy beautiful experiences with beautiful people! Easy right?! 

We live in such a busy, fast paced society that I am actually tired of talking about how busy we are and how time flies, and sometimes feel so overwhelmed with what I "have" to do, that I shy away from doing fun stuff! So these past few days, whilst celebrating my latest birthday, I chose to live in the moment, enjoy my hectic but beautiful life and the life around me, knowing that another year has made me more wise, a little more confidant, and connected to what is truly important to me - enjoying beautiful experiences with beautiful people!

Here's a peak at just a few fun experiences that we enjoyed this past weekend!


For years I wanted to attend Nuit Blanche in Toronto.  Once a year, for one night from sunset-to-sunrise, Toronto comes to life through an all night, contemporary art exhibit featuring installations from artists from around the world. This past weekend, the family and I were able to enjoy the event together ...with the other million or so visitors.IMG_8939

Garden Tower by Tadashi Kawamata was the first on our stop of the dozen or so installations that we planned to visit. I was amazed by the sheer height, amount of chairs used to create this tower and couldn't help but think, hmmm, I'd like one or two of those chairs for my dining room table!  Remember, it's contemporary art...


Ai Weiwei, Forever Bicycles' was the headliner of the event and standing in and amongst the piece, I understood why!!  3,144 bicycles lined up beautifully, lit from underneath and easily enjoyed from every angle.  

IMG_8960The metal, the geometric shapes, and the sheer size of this installation was breathtaking.  Watching other people's reactions to the piece was beautiful.  It was so structured, hard lines, and yet, it was playful as people enjoyed spinning the wheels, crawling in and around the piece.  It was very cool!

IMG_8962Then there was Clothesline Canopy, where a group of artist strung 5,000 pairs of socks from various clotheslines, thus creating a canopy that we slowly strolled under.


We quite enjoyed this installation and although I didn't quite "get it" at the time, I remember how I felt walking through and underneath, and touching the socks as we walked past.  It was playful. The lighting and trees made it feel cozy. Later I read that each pair of socks represent the amount of people without adequate housing in Toronto.  Crazy that with all of the development happening in the city that there isn't enough options for people who need basic shelter. {food for thought}

IMG_8972This canopy created shelter and comfort for us as we walked through - very powerful.

Then there is art and beauty of another at the fair ... these amazing, stunning, majestic horses we got to meet at the local Fair.  Love at first sight.


I'm not necessarily a fan of horses, but these were stunning and had quite the personality - from trying to eat a tassel from my purse, to kissing my daughter on top of her head!!  IMG_8933How about that pink spot!!? 

Fair A ride on the ferris wheel offered a fab view of the colourful trees, and fields in the distance.  

What I loved most about this weekend and this birthday in particular, is that it reminded me to be in the moment, go with the  flow and enjoy beautiful moments with beautiful people year around. 

Oh, and yes and of course, the champagne for breakfast, the sparkly gifts, and beautiful messages made it yet another great celebration.  Cheers to another year to grow wiser and to more beautiful moments to enjoy and share!