new free printable - daily notes!

A few weeks ago I posted a question on social media. lid facebook fan page.jpg

It took me forever and a day to switch my filofax calendar system to 100% digital.  While I found it was handy to have everything stored into my little iPhone, I missed writing and doodling, and brainstorming like I did with pen and paper.  I do really love my iDevices, I have a few dozen apps that I can't live without and I always say "I use my iPhone as a tool more than a phone".  

But....  and it's a big but

I'm a pen and paper kinda girl.  I recently switched back to a paper calendar and bought this lovely moleskin (right of my laptop).  It reminds me of one of my sketch books.  I love the way it feels in my hands.  I love flipping through the pages and booking in special dates, goals and reminders with my pen of choice.

life i design free printableThere's nothing quite like pen and paper and as much as I love technology, there will never be anything to replace the feel, the experience and the emotional connection you make when you write your thoughts down on a piece of paper.


I've designed this new free printable for you to use to jot down your daily notes, your goals, your thoughts, your doodles and even your grocery list!

today I will free printableand what's a free printable without a lovely quote 

life i design free printable notes"Today I will do more of what makes me happy!"

To download and print a stack of these daily notes, click here, right click and save to your computer.  I recommend printing them on card stock or heavier paper - they just feel better - and jot away!

Please do me a favour.  If you love these notes as much as I do, share them with your friends!

That would make me happy today.

Enjoy planning your day!




My Top 3 Takeaways from BlogPodium and an iPhone Freebie!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending BlogPodium for the first time.  An event for lifestyle and design bloggers and an opportunity to come out from behind our computers to network, learn and be inspired.

My intention for the event was to connect and network with other fabulous lifestyle and design bloggers.  I didn't realize I would have so many AH-HA moments that literally smacked me on the forehead!!

So I thought I'd share with you

my top 3 takeaways from BlogPodium.

blogpodium tableThe morning started off perfectly with a hot steaming cup of Starbucks, a good friend to the right of me, a room full of creative bloggers and a keynote speaker who kicked off the morning and the event with a bang - Sarah Richardson!  Many successful, talented and amazing women spoke that day, but it really was Sarah's words that quite literally hit me in the head and made me evaluate where I was at!

sarah richardson at blogpodium

Lesson # 1

" what you love", Sarah Richardson

When I first began life i design less than a year ago, my intention was to create a site to reflect what I loved at the moment, the journey that I was on and who I really was.  I think I did a pretty good job of achieving just that.  However .... and this is a big however ... in the last few months I feel like I stepped away from what is important to me and not sharing who I truly am.  Instead, I am trying to fit into a box that I've put myself in.  It doesn't feel as natural.  It's not a good fit.  It isn't true to what I love.  So, instead of writing posts that I think my readers will like, or creating art that I think my fans want to see, I will ....

{lesson learned} create more posts that are inspiring to me and that I love, and I will create the art that I have had swirling around in my head {that's how it feels}.  When you do what you love, you create out of passion.  Passion is what you grow from.  I truly believe that.

Lesson #2

"... build relationships", Sarah Richardson

This is something I am a huge advocate of.  Building relationships in every aspect of your life but also in business.  Building an online presence doesn't have to mean that you do it alone.  In fact, if you try and do it alone a) it will take forever, and b) what fun will that be?!  Here is where I am a little shy and my introvertedness {is that even a word} comes out.  So....

{lesson learned} I will step out of my comfort zone more and reach out to other people whom I admire and respect.  I will not be shy and will connect, build relationships and enjoy more camaraderie.  Ever feel like you've read a great blog post, facebook update, or tweet but never responded with a positive message?! Or shared with that person that you thought their post was great?! I'm guilty of that.  No more!


Lesson # 3

"... have a signature style", Sarah Richardson

This is a message that I've been hearing a lot these last few weeks.  I feel this links back to lesson #1 - do what you love -  but also do it your way! Instead of trying to fit into that box that we create for ourselves, step out and be who you really are!!

Be authentic.

What does that mean?  Be yourself.  Do what suits you.  Create in your own personal style.  Write in a way that feels natural to you.  Be who you truly are and not who you think people expect you to be.  This for me was the message that smacked me on the forehead big way! This is the message that inspired me to create life i design, focus on my passion of art and create what I love.  Lesson #3 is a biggie...

{lesson learned} Be authentic.  Period.  Be true to who I am, always.  Stop comparing what you are doing or not doing with others.  Be inspired, learn examples from, but be yourself! Easier said than done, so that is why I decided to create this iPhone freebie to remind me more often that I need to...

resize iphoneIf you need a reminder to be authentic too, simply click on the image & save it to your iPhone!

Every day be reminded to be true to who you are.  Live every day the way you want to live and create with your personal flare and style.  Some will like it, some won't and that's ok.  What matters most is that you do what you love!!



My Not-so-secret Affair.

I love your smooth body.

I love how you light up when you want to share something with me.

I love your warm glow.

I love reading your messages.

I love how you whistle at me.

I love you...

Yes, I must confess. I love my iPhone. I treat it like it's my 3rd child.

It lies next to me on my bedside table when I sleep.

It whistles at me when I get a text message.

It allows me to google answers to my kid's homework questions.

It gives me great recipe ideas when I am stumped.

The list goes on and on. If you have an iPhone, you may or may not relate, but what makes me love my iPhone so much are the apps that I download, enjoy and must share!

Here are some of my most favourite apps of the moment.

Be warned that it may make you too fall in love with your iPhone - if you haven't done so already.

Pinterest - I am always happily surprised at all of the great recipes, workout ideas, decorating inspiration and talent that exists in the world of Pinterest. Part of my bed-time ritual is to unwind and browse some of my favourite categories on Pinterest. Connect with me here.

TeuxDeux - Do you like to make to-do lists? If so, this one is for you!

Instagram - Again, I love to browse photos and am in awe of the great talent that exists within the realm of Instagram. You can easily edit, enhance and share photos using this great app. Here's how we can connect here I'd love to check out what you are pinning.

Evernote - It's the bomb!! I can create documents, notes, clip articles from the web and access all of my notes on any of my iDevices or Mac. It syncs up to the Evernote cloud and all of your applications are updates once you connect to the Internet. Love this one from a productivity and accessibility perspective.

Omvana - This is a new one and it enables you to access great meditations and spiritual talks. One of my new favs and a keeper for sure!

Action Movie - This is a fun one that allows you to create fun movies from short video clips. We've blown up lots of stuff with this app. It's kind of a stress reliever!

What are some of your favourite apps?! I'd love to check them out.