Nicki's Beauty Haul

I've been a professional makeup artist for over 12 years

and a product junkie for about 40!  

Here is my first Nicki's Beauty Haul on life i design!

I often don't buy the same product twice, as I am always trying new lotions and potions.

Here is my latest product haul.  Not a big one, but definitely products I'd buy again {the eye makeup remover is my second purchase}

Nicki's Beauty Haul

1. Cake - Vanilla Snow Woman Velveteen Hand Creme {it's thick, absorbs quickly and smells like marshmellows}

2. Body Shop, Nutriganics smoothing mask {for anti-aging and clogged pores}

3. Nanoblur, this little gem is a primer for OVER-TOP of your foundation.  It smooths out pores, lines and evens out the skin.  It's great for a matte finish.  Just like an airbrush in a tube.  I love this one!

4. Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover {perfect for removing mascara and safe for contact wearers}

Have you tried any of these products?!