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Free iPhone Wallpaper Background for November

I have spent most of my free time recently on painting abstract shapes and playing around with color. I have designs in mind that I am creating for my Society6 shop, that will go on things like pillows, laptop covers and even coffee mugs. Although my personal style in everything from clothing to home decor, is black and white, a small part of me is trying to embrace color {a limited color palette…} and try my hand at designing using some color! Sooooo, I thought I’d make this lovely wallpaper inspired by the falling snow and my current pattern designing mode, in the hopes of creating a lovely wallpaper to inspire you through the rest of November!

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Free iPhone and Desktop wallpaper download for July

Fun, tropical new wallpaper for free to download for your iPhone, iPad and desktop!  Sun sand beach please!!!

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Tech Wallpaper FREE download | Actually, I can

The simple phrase, “Actually, I can” paired with a bold sky blue hue watercolor background painted by Nicki, made for a perfect wallpaper.

We hope this can provide a daily reminder that, yes, you are capable and, yes, you should go follow that dream!

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