What Gratitude Really FEELS like.

October is by far my most favourite time of year.

I love the crisp fresh air.  The beautiful sunny days.  How the autumn light brightens the stunning colour of the changing leaves.  The blanket of fallen leaves that cover the ground .... you get the point - I LOVE October!!

We have lots to celebrate in the month of October.  It's my birth month, our wedding anniversary month and is also Thanksgiving.

It's a time that I take stock of my life and really truly experience what gratitude FEELS like.

I have kept a gratitude journal for probably 7 years now.  I express what I am grateful for.  I doodle.  I cut up magazine pics of beautiful images that make me FEEL something.

These written words, images and thoughts, stir positive emotions.  These emotions charge me up!

It's one thing to be grateful and it's another to FEEL grateful.  If you can make the shift to feeling vs. thinking, I can't even tell you how amazingly powerful it will be in creating positive shifts in your life.

I thought I'd share a few photos that I snapped with my iPhone this past weekend as we celebrated Thanksgiving and our 15 year wedding anniversary.  

Each and every photo has been selected because it made me FEEL something when I looked at it.

Here we go!

anniversary{My hubby and I enjoying the most colourful, beautiful, stunning view of the valley in all it's glory.  I wish I could have snapped a shot from we were standing.  

My gratitude statement would read a little something like this.  I am grateful for my loving relationship with my husband and the moments we enjoy together. This photo makes me feel LOVE surrounded by beauty.}

Here's another one.

the kids{There's nothing better than a walking stick, your sibling and your dog to enjoy a hike in the woods.  

My gratitude statement:  I am grateful for my wonderful kids and enjoy watching them spend time together.  This photo makes me feel JOY & PRIDE.}

in the sky{Ever sit under a tree and look up?! Try it.  Often. The colours and contrast of textures are amazing.  

My gratitude statement: I am grateful to be surrounded by such natural beauty and colour.  I feel INSPIRED and ENERGIZED! It was just an amazing view from my perspective.}

creek{This photo is one of my favourite as I love the gentle flow of the water, the reflection of the brightly coloured trees that stand above it mixed with the hard texture of the rocks to ground it.  

My gratitude statement: I am grateful to experience the flow of water as it inspires movement and change in my own life.  I feel CALM & RELAXED.}

leaves{I couldn't help but stage this photo.  While the kids were jumping through the creek to climb up and explore the side of a woody cliff, I was distracted by the contrast of the dirt and rocks against the beauty of the soft leaves.  

My gratitude statement: I am grateful for the air I breath and the clean air of the outdoors.  It makes me feel CONNECTED to nature.}

It doesn't have to be all about nature.  You could use images that you just love and make you feel a powerful emotion.

Like these.

starbucks{My gratitude statement: I feel grateful for a tall cup of steaming chai latte.  I love holding the warm cup in my hands.  I love taking my first sip. I love the taste. This photo makes me feel COMFORT & WARMTH & JOY.}

Or how about when you indulge in something that you don't normally get often.

For me it's a big container of these...

onion rings{Look at those beautiful, golden, made from scratch, deep fried rings of yumminess.  Especially when they are made with love by a family member at their restaurant.  I don't indulge often in these onion rings, but when I do, I enjoy them without guilt or second thought.  They are consumed merely for pleasure not for any other reason.  

My gratitude statement: I am grateful for comfort food that is special and prepared by someone I love.  Consuming a big warm serving of these, makes me feel HAPPY.}

Or if you don't have your own photos to reference, use magazines, your Pinterest boards, or other people's photos (for personal use only please) like this one.

outfitMy gratitude statement: I am grateful for stylish clothes that fit me well!  This outfit makes me feel COMFORT and STYLISH!

I hope this post inspires you to start a gratitude journal too and take notice of what really makes you FEEL good and how many things you can actually find to feel thankful for!

If you think this post is inspiring, please share it! 

With Gratitude;