Valentine's - A Love-ly Offer

iphone heart

I don't know about you, but I am not much of a romantic.

I love deeply.  I express my love freely.

But at the very mention of a "romantic dinner", red roses and chocolate dipped strawberries, I run screaming the other way.  It's become quite a joke over the years between me and my husband.  He dares not suggest anything "romantic" near me.

It's not that I'm not in love and don't enjoy feeling loved, I am just allergic to any "staged" romantic setting.  It feels in-authentic to me and makes me itch.

I'd rather embrace the moment and go with the flow of emotion. I'd rather receive a bouquet of wild flowers on a wednesday night - just because.  I'd rather be told that I am loved and be given the biggest embrace with all heart and emotion while I am in a line-up at the grocery store - kinda girl.  So please don't get the wrong impression, I am quite un-romantic but quite full of love.

Having said all that, I enjoyed the time it took me to create this heart print for Valentine's Day.

love ribbon.jpgI have it framed in a simple white frame and it sits proudly on my fireplace mantle. Every time my eyes rest on the word love, it reminds me that I am full of love and that I am to share it.

So my hope for you this Valentine's Day is that you are full of love and that you easily share it!

This Love Art Print is available in the shop and comes with a FREE greeting card.  The print is for you and the card is for you to share!

love and cardAnd if prints and cards are not your thing, may I invite you to check out my Society6 Page for a lovely and practical iPhone case.

Not romantic, but functional indeed!

iphone heartUntil Feb 9th, you can enjoy free shipping with this link !

Happy Valentine's Day!