And the winner is.....

Celebrating l.i.d.'s first anniversary today and we couldn't be more excited than to share the lucky winner of our

Life I design anniversary giveaway

Before you find out who it is, I want to share something that I did last year when I launched l.i.d. and something that I vowed to do each and every anniversary.

The theme of life i design is to do just that, live a life as you chose, following your dreams, goals, and doing it in a manner which inspires other to be creative and add their own personal flair.  When I was introduced to Kiva, I instantly felt a connection to their mission and to the stories of the people who are looking for help.


Check them out to learn more here, but in a nut-shell, you LOAN an amount of money {your choice} to as few or as many people as you want, in order help them grow their business, start a business, and empower them to support themselves, their families and community.  Once they pay back your loan, you can re-invest your money into another person's business, and so on, and so on, and so on!

Today, I will make a new investment into someone else's future with the intention that I can help and support others around the world live a life that they design too!!

.... now, drum roll please.......

The winner of Life i design's 1st anniversary giveaway is 

Jo-Anna (A Pretty Life)!!!! 

Congratulations Jo-Anna!!!! Send me your address so I can ship your goodies to you!!!

Poppin' bottles and enjoying chocolate later today to celebrate a fabulous first year!

Thank you for coming back again and again and please check out Kiva!