Introduction to Waterbrush Calligraphy \ Digital Guide and Workbook

Introduction to Waterbrush Calligraphy \ Digital Guide and Workbook


NEWLY UPDATED AND EXPANDED TO TWO BOOKS!! Bonus practice lettering sheet!

  • 10 page guide filled with all that you need to know including my top tips and tricks to help you learn water brush lettering quickly and easily

  • 36 page workbook fill with pages of lower case alphabet practice and additional tips to help you succeed with your introduction to using a waterbrush pen.

  • learn from an experienced instructor and professional calligrapher/artist

  • perfect for those interested in learning a new hobby and embrace the world of lettering

  • learn from the comfort of you home

  • instant download, print and practice

You will not receive a physical copy of this workbook.  This is a digital file that you will have access to and can save and print at home!

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Have you been inspired by all the videos and social media posts that show effortless looking and beautiful waterbrush lettering? 

Have no idea about lettering and how to create modern calligraphy style lettering? Maybe you've never tried waterbrushes or watercolor? 

This Introduction to Waterbrush letttering for beginners digital book will take you through the exact tools Nicki uses to teach the in-person workshops but in digital, instant downloadable format!

You will not receive a physical copy of these workbooks.  Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download link with 3 files. 

  1. The first file is an important instruction sheet and is where you should start. 
  2. The second file is the Instruction guide.  We recommend that you read this guide on your computer, tablet etc.  No need to print it out if you want to save paper! The 10 page guide will explain your waterbrush lettering tools, techniques to holding your brush and tips to help you learn your new hobby easily!
  3. After reading the first page and instruction guide, we recommend that you print a copy of the waterbrush lettering workbook that has the worksheets you need to trace and replicate.  This will be the start of your physical practice where with each stroke, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to begin your lettering journey!  

As these books are digital files, you are able to simply download instantly after purchase, print and practice at home as many times as you need!

Please note;

  • Due to the instant downloadable nature of this workbook, all digital orders are final sales.  Refunds and exchanges are not permitted.  
  • When you purchase these digital downloads, you agree to use these sheets for personal use only.  You also agree to not duplicate, share, sell or use for instruction as they are copyright protected by Nicki Traikos of life i design. 
  • This product has taken many long hours to create, produce, edit and share, please be respectful and supportive of this.