New to Project life or Creative journalling?!

Expressing your personal creativity is easy once you learn how! This page will help show you how to start project life projects and how to journal using the digital designs and your own personal touch!


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how to start Project life documenting

Move your memories from digital files to tangible, sharable, memorable layouts!  It's as easy as print, slice, design your layout and enjoy!

How to get started creating project life layouts;

  • Select a dozen or so photos from your phone, computer or wherever you store your photos.  Get them printed or print them out yourself! There are many affordable printers on the market these days along with good quality photo paper.  Printing at home I find, gives you more control over the size as well as the quantity of prints! I'll link to a few printers and paper that I love soon!
  • Next, decide what your theme is going to be for your layouts.  This can range from special occasions to trips, to just a fun Saturday in your local city!  Whatever you decide you want your theme to be, use your project life digital downloads from the shop to help support your layout!   Our designs are mostly black and white and minimalistic.  It's just what we love best so that your photos can stand-out!!
  • Next, arrange your photos and print-outs into your project life sleeves in any format that you find aesthetically pleasing!
  • Display your memories and layouts in a beautiful memory book which I recommend leaving out on your living room coffee table for you to enjoy!

Learn how to journal the creative and easy way

Creative journalling is one of my favourite creative activities to do!  It's an easy way to express yourself, set goals, figure out your next steps and to document memories and special occasions!

Creative journalling can be used for;

  • simple journalling
  • gratitude journalling
  • dream board imagining
  • mood board creating
  • goal setting
  • or bullet journal to keep yourself organized

Whatever your goal is, all you need is a journal, a few writing instruments and go!  Creative journalling is a little more fun! Gather those same tools but add a few cool rolls of washi tape, the digital downloads from the shop, a glue stick, scissors and your photos or magazines to tear images from.  Then watch as you become inspired, excited to create your layouts and fill your new journal!!

boss creative journal layout.jpg

creative journalling with nicki traikos.jpeg

Take an in-person creative journalling workshop

Want practical and easy lettering, placement and "how-tos"?!  These 2 hour, in-person workshops may be just what you are looking for!

Learn first hand how to doodle, embellish and create beautiful journal page layouts.  Receive a kit that includes a workbook, journal, pens, journal card designs along with washi tape and embellishments.  The workbook takes you step-by-step to show you how to add titles, doodles, and expressive lines and shapes to create exciting journal page layouts that will inspire you to want to journal more!

Can't take an in-person workshop?!  No worries.  An online class version will be available early 2018!  In the meantime, get creative with your layouts and stay posted with all the new projects coming up by subscribing to our newsletter below!

HAPPY creating!!

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Learning how to journal with an in-person workshop is a fun way to express your creative side with a very easy project that you can spend as little, or as much time on.

creative journal with life i design.JPG
creative journal kit.jpg

The Creative Journal kit that workshop participants receive when they join our workshops.  A sketchbook style journal (so we can use paint, markers and glue photos into), markers, washi tape, and fun embellishments!


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