Life i design online is here!

The year has been a great transition as I’ve been working hard to create online classes to help you learn modern calligraphy, brush lettering and even starting a home based business like I did!

My goal is to deliver amazing classes that are packed with quality content and include workbooks to help you practice and study what you are learning. I feel I have found the best way to deliver these online classes to you and so that they are affordable and be able to offer you lifetime access to all the information that you invested in!

Why online classes?!

When I started life i design in 2012, I had zero experience with building a home based business, never mind a creative one. I looked a college courses and night schools and couldn’t find classes to teach me specifically what I wanted to learn. And I didn’t want to invest in a full program and have to go to school for 2 years - who has time for that!!?

So what did I do?! I found courses online and followed people who I could relate to, be inspired by and want to learn from. I took individual courses ranging from; how to create a website, to how to create simple graphic design to how do do calligraphy!! Not only was I learning how to build my website, but I was also honing in on my artistic ability too!

What you can expect from life i design online

You can expect to learn everything that I am passionate about as well as what I exactly did to build my home based business which allowed me the freedom and luxury to stay at home and raise my 2 kids! I will teach you the creative side of calligraphy, hand lettering and even watercolor. You can take a single class or the entire bundle! Whatever fits your goal, time and budget!

I will also teach you how to decide what business to start, how to start your website, build your SEO and marketing, and reach the goals you set out to meet when you decided to take one of my classes.

I’ll be launching within the month! Crazy right?!! Coffee will be my BFF this month and the kids will have to help figure out dinner - after all they are teenagers now!

To be the first to know when life i design online launches, subscribe to updates below and be sure to expect that I launch with a bang by offering special pricing when you do!! If you have any classes, subjects or interests that you’d love to see me teach, please let me know!! Email me at!