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Nicki Traikos

Calligrapher | Artist | Instructor


"Life I design was born out of passion to live a creative life where I create and design art, make a living selling my art, and inspiring others to follow their passions too!

I had just turned 40, I finally knew who I was, and what I wanted out of life! My kids were growing and becoming more independent, my free time became “my time” where I explored creativity and realized that I truly am an artist at heart.

So I took online courses, made art [some was good, some was really bad], I learned how to build my website and how to create revenue streams all while sipping my favorite matcha lattes on borrowed time before the kids got home from school and were off to their activities until late in the evenings!


I’ve never looked backed once.

Currently, my biggest passions lie in painting and creating more art alongside teaching others how to follow their own creative passions!

I designed Life i Design Online to help you explore new creative skills, from the comfort of your own home at your own pace! All classes are video based with printable resources to support you as you explore a new skill and potentially a new opportunity to work from home like I do! I hope that you join me for a class or two, and that I can help you learn what you need, to get you started living a life YOU design”

Nicki Traikos, Founder & Creative Director, life i design



"I love really well thought-out designs and products.  My taste is a mix of clean, modern elements - almost a masculine feel that’s balanced by feminine motifs of nature, flowers and soft shapes.  I don’t like busy patterns and feel more relaxed when my eye can “rest” on an object.   But I do want to FEEL something when I look around me.  Design for me is all about being subtle but interesting."

"I’m a huge fan of positive imagery and quotes.  I feel that surrounding yourself with positive imagery and quotes can energetically charge you and your environment.  When I teach any of my classes whether it's modern calligraphy or waterbrush lettering, I stress how powerful words can be and how much more empowering they can be when we write them in our own hand" 

"I also have a cheeky and playful sense of humour and love the reaction I get from people who experience my designs that incorporate a bit of that sass.  Whether it’s on a coffee mug or a art for your walls.  It’s what makes me really laugh out loud… for real!" 

"I love décor that is relevant and relatable that are meant to change with you, to grow with you and inspire change and growth within you.  Sometimes they are just meant to accent a room, brighten up a morning or share with a friend who needs a pick-me-up!"

"What I offer is… art you can use that changes as you change!"

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