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How life i design started

"Life I design was born out of passion to live a creative life and from a desire to design things that suited my personal taste and what I wanted to have around me. 
I had just turned 40, I knew who I was and what I wanted finally.  I was an artist at heart.  Visualizing, creating and making my surroundings reflect my taste and style.  My goal was to create art for walls, home decor accessories and even phone cases.  Anything that a person could easily afford, decorate with and build an environment that inspired them to be creative and mindful."
Nicki Traikos, Founder & Creative Director, life i design
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Style & Quality

"I love really well thought-out designs and products.  My taste is a mix of clean, modern elements - almost a masculine feel that’s balanced by motifs of nature, flowers and soft shapes.  I don’t like busy patterns and feel more relaxed when my eye can “rest” on an object.   But I do want to FEEL something when I look around me.  Design for me is all about being subtle but interesting."

"I’m a huge fan of positive imagery and quotes.  I feel that surrounding yourself with positive imagery and quotes can energetically charge you and your environment.  When I teach any of my workshops whether it's calligraphy or journaling, I stress how powerful words can be and how much more empowering they can be when we write them in our own hand" 

"I also have a cheeky and playful sense of humour and love the reaction I get from people who experience my designs that incorporate a bit of that sass.  Whether it’s on a coffee mug or a greeting card.  It’s what makes me really laugh out loud… for real!" 

"I love décor that is relevant and relatable.  The art and products that I create aren’t meant to be cherished or kept for lifetimes to come.  The art and products that I create are meant to change with you, to grow with you and inspire change and growth within you.  Sometimes they are just meant to accent a room, brighten up a morning or share with a friend who needs a pick-me-up!"

"What I offer is… art you can use that changes as you change!"

Teaching MOdern Calligraphy is my jam!

I have been a fan of writing in the style of calligraphy for decades.  I've been the proud owner of sets of calligraphy pens, fountain pens and calligraphy markers from about 20 years ago when I was getting married and before Pinterest, Youtube videos and my favorite Instagram was a thing!!

I tried and lettered for hours to create modern calligraphy style lettering without very much luck.  One day about 5 years ago, I took an online calligraphy class where I learned about the perfect tools and tips to start my new calligraphy journey!  

Fast forward to today.  I've practiced my calligraphy writing for hours at a time.  Have had my entire desk covered in letters and black strokes for days.  Have had my hand stained with black ink that I thought would never wash out!

But... I have also sold my modern calligraphy designs, been hired by large companies to create designs for them and have been commissioned to provide quotes, poems and even tattoos in my modern calligraphy style.

For the last year and a half, I have taught many in-person workshops to people who are looking to learn modern calligraphy using a dip pen, a brush pen and even a waterbrush pen!  I am grateful to inspire, teach and share everything I can to help people reach their personal goals for taking a class with me.

I have also written, photographed and published online guides for those who can't take an in-person class with me to be able to learn my Modern Calligraphy style from the comfort of their home, easily, affordably and quickly!

Stay tuned for online classes with lots of video and instruction to help with learning Modern Calligraphy and how to incorporate it into your everyday life, practice and business!

let's get personal, shall we?!

If you've read the other part of this bio of mine, I think you'll have a good understanding of who I am as the artist, letterer, designer, business owner etc.  How about some fun facts about who I am in my personal life and what I love!!??

Let me start by confessing that I am a really private person and don't let too many people in very often!   Eeek! Ok, here it goes!

 Meet my high school sweetheart, John. 

Meet my high school sweetheart, John. 

  • I started life i design when I turned 40!  Life is short but long at the same time.  It's never too late to start something new, learn something new and try something new.  If we are lucky, life will be and long and full, so why spend our time being unhappy!!?  
  • I married my high school sweetheart.  That's right! We started dating when we were 16 and have enjoyed a long and interesting ride together!!
  • I have two teenage children (Marcus and Sabrina) who amaze me every day! I really, really, like who they have grown to become.  I am inspired by them often and can't get enough of the time we spend together, their sense of humour and talents.  They inspire me daily.
  • I got my first tattoo at 40 and my second at 44.  I am an admirer of tattoos and knew that I would get inked eventually, but I am also a Libra, through and through, so making up my mind sometimes can be very hard for me.  Besides, if I'm getting something permanently inked on my body, it's going to be thoughtful and meaningful!
  • Speaking of being a Libra, I am very in-tune with my star sign. I hoard crystals and smudge sticks.  I swoon at the moon and listen to the wind speak through the trees. A bit woo-woo, I know.  ok, a lot woo-woo.  what can I say, I am sensitive to energy and feed off of good vibes and people!!
  • Speaking of hoarding, I am a confessed hoarder of the following items; coffee mugs, throw pillows, crystals, pens, journals, house plants and hand bags!!! Hand bags are always the right fit and go with anything!!
  • Lastly, I am addicted to orange dye-97 - or whatever that un-natural orange product is that covers cheesies, cheetos and various cheesey puff snacks!!!!! 


That's pretty much me in a nutshell!!  I've just shared with you things that only my closest friends know.  Some may not even know it all!!!  Whew.  Felt good to open up!

Now back to business....

at the moment, I am working on...

always adding new art prints to the shop,

creating designs for pillows and cases for iPhonesiPads & laptops

teaching modern calligraphy classes as well as brush lettering workshops;

planning more tools and resources to share with you...

life i design has been evolving this last year or so.  There's been a natural shift towards empowering others to be more creative and explore ways to be more creative.  With purpose and growth.  As a result, I've added classes, resources and tools to help you learn a new craft, explore a new hobby and live a life you design!!

Along with these new classes, digital downloads and workbooks, I've added a Resource Library that is being filled with inspirational quotes,  free downloads, printables and more!  Make sure you subscribe to get access to this private Resource Library and to keep in touch with everything else going on with life i design!!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something here that inspires you to live a life you design!!

xo Nicki

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Making things is necessary for me - it’s my function. In my work I have my strongest sense of failure and at times - my greatest joy”

I am a full believer that art can beautify your environment and shift your mood as well as inspire more creativity in your own life! And remember, you don't have to be artistic to be creative! 

Candidly yours!  Nicki xo


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