in-person workshop

Want to learn a new craft or skill?  Looking to be more creative?  I always say, you don't have to be artistic to be creative!  Below is a list of all the workshops that you can participate in if you are in the local Toronto/York region area!

calligraphy workshop.jpg

Modern Calligraphy 101 & 201

Learn traditional dip pen and ink calligraphy with a modern flare!  These in-person, modern calligraphy workshops, will provide you with  all of the tools and knowledge you need to begin your modern calligraphy journey! The Modern Calligraphy 101 classes are the perfect introduction to the tools, techniques and practice strokes!  Learn how to create beautiful calligraphy writing with the Modern Calligraphy 201 workshop!  Here you will explore new strokes, learn how to flourish and even work on a personal quote!

With each workshop, you recieve your very own personal kit of professional tools and workbooks giving you everything you need to dive into the creative experience that is Modern Calligraphy!

learn brush lettering.jpg

watercolor brush lettering

Learn how to use a waterbrush and watercolors to create lettering and perhaps a leaf to two!

If you have enjoyed the modern calligraphy workshops, then you’ll love this one even more!  In two hours, you will practice letter forms, use the same thick downward strokes and thin upwards strokes as we work on the alphabet and simple words.  You’ll even learn how to paint simple leaf designs using a waterbrush and watercolor palette!

New to lettering?! No problem, this workshop will give you all the tools and practice you need to dive into learning how to letter with a waterbrush!

creative journal.jpg

creative journalling

Looking to start new creative habit?  Want to add to your journaling practice? Perhaps you are looking to capture special moments or are wanting to set intentions with a dream journal.

Whatever your goal is, you will learn how to use lettering techniques, embellishments and prompts to help you express your personal creativity through journaling! You don’t have to be artistic to be creative! 

Cut, paste, letter, doodle and express your feelings, hopes, dreams or celebrate a moment in your life! Be inspired during this 2 hour workshop and start a new creative project!