Cool Ways To Customize Your Electronics

Customizing electronics can be a fun way to give them a more personal touch. I for one, own waaay too many phone cases than I’d like to admit! The great thing about what I do, is that I can paint, letter and design new cases for my devices anytime I want! Whilst there are many ways of personalizing your desktop, there are also many ways to decorate your devices from the outside. Here are just five cool ways to customize your electronic devices.

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A New York Minute - What to eat, see and explore in NYC

Working from home has meant the world to me and my family, but I spend A LOT of time at home, and my creativity feeds off of new surroundings and inspiration.  So when the opportunity to spend 30 hours in NYC came up last minute last week, I packed an overnight bag and my nexus pass, filled the fridge with pizza and easy to make foods for the kids and off we went. 

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