Cool Speaker Effect for the iPhone & Songza!

iPhone speaker

While cruising Pinterest the other day, I came across this really cool idea and had to test it out for myself.

Once in a while, I want to listen to music or an audio, on my iphone, but find that the speaker is just not loud enough.

Well, forget about mini speakers, docks, etc.   Instead, reach for a drinking glass,

turn on your itunes, press play, drop it into an empty and clean drinking glass and voila...

Turn up the volume!! It is brilliant! 
When I was testing it out, my daughter was with me, and now I find drinking glasses everywhere!  Who needs an exterior speaker?! All you need is a short glass (as they work best)!
Oh, and if you haven't downloaded the app Songza, I suggest you do!! It's great for selecting a genre, mood, or just experiencing new playlists!! I love it!
What's your must have app of the moment?
Nicki TraikosComment