Time Management Tips for all you Work-From-Home Moms!

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Time management tips seems to be the top of the average work-from-home Mom!  We all wish we had the luxury of time, or simple an hour more a day to finish everything on our to-do list.

Picture this; you have a beautiful, active, busy family.  You are building the business of your dreams.  You love to create and expriment with art or recipes.  You enjoy working out and spending time with the girls.  Time is limited to 24 hours and we all would like a few extra mins...

to keep up with crazy hockey schedules, one too many lunches to pack, back-packs to fill, as well as homework, projects and tests.... you get where I am going with this?!

So, in an attempt to organize my home life, and in the hopes of managing my time better, I've set a few boundaries.

My Top Time Management Tips!

First of all, I've delegated chores to my family. That's right. Every person shall pick up after themselves, make their beds, pack their snacks and be accountable for their own possessions.

Second, I will not change my business schedule around for reasons to do with; an unplanned activity or a family invitation to socialize etc. If that means saying "No" more than usual, so be it. My time spent on my business is just as important as having to punch the clock at a traditional J-O-B.

Thirdly, put it down in writing! I have laid out expectations so there are no questions, complaints, or protest. I even came up with this handy menu idea to help me with the tedious, but important, chore of packing lunches and preparing dinners.

It's kinda fun! Check out this menu planning idea...

Oh, and lastly, I now start my morning with the most important to-do on my list! I work through that list and only when it has been completed, do I reward myself with a coffee date, time for a walk with the pup or any other fun, indulgences that fill me up energetically!

What are your Top Tips for Juggling your hectic schedule?!