Eraser Stamp Tutorial

A few weeks ago I published a post about Mother's Day that was filled with home made cards and notes that touched me deeply.  If you missed the post, click here to read it.  

I promised a few fun and easy tutorials in that post to inspire you {and perhaps your family} to use home made notes, cards and personal touches more often.

This eraser stamp tutorial just might do the trick!

eraser turned stamp

Simple eraser ...

Carve eraser into stamp

A custom made stamp by you!!

Eraser stamps design

Don't know where to start? Sketch out a few simple lines, designs and shapes.

eraser stamp test

You will need a lino carving tool.  I used an exacto knife after carving a few shapes and realize that I could get cleaner lines with the knife.

Eraser Stamps

Here's a sample of a few of my stamps that I tested and re-tested a few times.  I also carved shapes on the backs of the stamps for variety and well ... I just got carried away!

"What do i do with these beauties?" you ask?!  

Here are a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

stamp gift tags

eraser stamp love notes

eraser stamp thank you notes

Home Made Stamps/stationary

How about creating a set of stationary for yourself and the next time you need to write the kids a quick note, send a thank you card or just write down your shopping list, use one of your own designs!  Let the creative energy flow.

Are you inspired by this post?! Show me what you came up with! I'd love to see what you create.