Eraser Stamp Tutorial

A few weeks ago I published a post about Mother's Day that was filled with home made cards and notes that touched me deeply.  If you missed the post, click here to read it.  

I promised a few fun and easy tutorials in that post to inspire you {and perhaps your family} to use home made notes, cards and personal touches more often.

This eraser stamp tutorial just might do the trick!

eraser turned stamp

Simple eraser ...

Carve eraser into stamp

A custom made stamp by you!!

Eraser stamps design

Don't know where to start? Sketch out a few simple lines, designs and shapes.

eraser stamp test

You will need a lino carving tool.  I used an exacto knife after carving a few shapes and realize that I could get cleaner lines with the knife.

Eraser Stamps

Here's a sample of a few of my stamps that I tested and re-tested a few times.  I also carved shapes on the backs of the stamps for variety and well ... I just got carried away!

"What do i do with these beauties?" you ask?!  

Here are a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

stamp gift tags

eraser stamp love notes

eraser stamp thank you notes

Home Made Stamps/stationary

How about creating a set of stationary for yourself and the next time you need to write the kids a quick note, send a thank you card or just write down your shopping list, use one of your own designs!  Let the creative energy flow.

Are you inspired by this post?! Show me what you came up with! I'd love to see what you create.

The Best Mother's Day Ever with a Must-do DIY!

This past Sunday was the best Mother's Day ever!!

As I relaxed in bed for the better part of the morning, it gave me time to enjoy one of my biggest blessings - my family!!

My day wasn't lavish at all.  It wasn't extravagant.  It was simple.  I was surrounded by loving messages, thoughtful gestures and lots of family time.

Each gift that I received was handmade, carefully delivered and made me cry.  Here's a little peak at my bedside table Sunday morning...


These meaningful gifts of homemade cards, printed certificates, and even a mini-book, made me think about how technology and electronic messages can never really replace a handwritten, hand-decorated, note, card, or simple message from a loved one.

I'm sure if my daughter sent me a text or email with the same words that filled pages in my Mother's Day book, I wouldn't have reacted the same way, with such depth of emotion and deep love.  Of course, I would have loved and appreciated it no doubt, but I truly believe that these handwritten notes will always hold more value and genuine expressions of love than any text, private message or email ever can.  

Try it!

Write someone special a note expressing your heartfelt feelings and see what reaction it spawns!

As a result of this very big ah-ha moment, I've come up with a few DIYs that will inspire you to bust out the crafting supplies and make a card for a special someone, to embellish a special gift or add a personal touch that shows the receiver just how much they mean to you!  Over the next few weeks, I'll share an easy DIY with you that will inspire all those things and more!

The Best Mother's Day Ever with a Must-do DIY!

Fabric Feathers

To start off, here is a really fun and easy way to use up scraps of fabric and have fun making decorative feathers to embellish or add a personal touch to just about anything you choose!

 Here is where I found the fabulous idea to make fabric feathers and where you can download the template.

This is what you'll need:


  • Scraps of fabric (I recycled fabric from old jeans and pants here too!)
  • Craft or floral wire stems
  • Glue stick
  • Feather template
  • Scissors
  • Your personalized touch!
  • fabric and template

You want to begin by gluing the wire stem between two pieces of fabric.  While you are waiting for the glue to dry, cut out the feathers from your paper template.

cut out feather

When the fabric is dry, hold the paper template on the fabric and carefully cut-out the shape from your fabric.

gold leaf

I used gold leaf to embellish a few of the darker feathers, which can be a bit tricky, but is worth it!

stampsI used markers and stamps to embellish a few others...


...and voila! A personalized touch on a special gift, or ...


embellish your simple flower pots, or...

enjoyliven up your pencil holder!

Whatever you chose to use them for, they are meant to show a little extra love, create simple beauty, and inspire special moments.

If you liked this post, please share it with a friend and spread the inspiration!




Printing on Fabric - Who knew it would be so easy?!!

For months I've had a DIY written on a sticky note that I wanted to try!

I finally did...

Printing on Fabric - Who knew it would be so easy!!

I've agonized over what method to try, which image to use, what type of fabric to print on...  I've scoured Pinterest and have looked at a ton of sites, researching the best techniques to use to print on fabric.  Finally - today, I printed on fabric!!

I used a cotton, unbleached fabric that I bought in the craft section of Wal-mart {who knew!?} and I used a portion of an image that I drew the other day.

I am very excited to share with you this easy technique that works like a charm and perfectly on my first go!  Amazing right?!!

Here's what you'll need to start. 

fabric art supplies


Start by ironing the fabric as best as possible.  {Perhaps washing it first might help with the fold lines that are always a challenge to iron out.}  Then cut the fabric to whatever size your choose.  I cut mine to 8 X 10 as I knew I would frame it in a size at least 8 X 10 or smaller. 

Next spray the printer paper with the adhesive {outdoors to be safe} to coat the sheet with a very light coat of the adhesive.  Let it set for a few minutes before smoothing the fabric onto it.  The printer paper helps to support the fabric during printing and makes feeding it into the printer easy.  Yup! I printed using my ink jet directly onto the fabric.

Lastly chose an image that you love.  I chose one of my own that I had played around with in Photoshop and here is how it came out!

Print on fabric

Give the print a few minutes to dry and then carefully peel the fabric from the paper. 

feather on fabric

Pop it into a frame!

feather print

 Unique, beautiful art!

Let me know if you try this DIY and how it works out for you!!

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Thank you!  Thank you!

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Papier Macher Project Making Pretty Bowls!

Remember creating a papier macher project at school when you were a kid?!  

The strips of newspaper, sticking your hand in a container of glue and just going for it!  

I remember making a mask.  It was very tribal, and very heavy.  I used an excessive amount of coats of paper and glue.  What's better than a... 

papier macher project making pretty bowls!!

I saw this really beautiful and perfect papier macher bowl over here and thought "What a great project!"

Here is my attempt at papier mache bowls {trust me - it's a lot harder than it looks!!!!}  I'll share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly with this project! You'll understand what I mean soon!!

Anyway, Let's get started.

Here's what you'll need:

Glue of some sort (I used Mod Podge)

scissors and newspaper

sponge brushes and an assortment of balloons

We also used acrylic craft paint and gold leaf.  Use what you like and have handy.  

My first tip is to rip or cut smaller pieces of newspaper than what I have shown here as it is easier to shape your balloon and you'll avoid bubbles and bumps on the outer part of your bowl.

We used plastic cups to place the balloon in so that we could use both hands to smooth on the newspaper.

Tip number two! The more layers of paper, the more sturdy your final bowl will be, so remember to layer as much as possible and be generous with your glue.  You can always cut the top, or the depth of the bowl, once they are dry and you have removed them from the balloons themselves.  These bowls dried over night and easily peeled off of the balloon forms.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly.  Our strips were too long so we found lots of folds and creases were even more visible when we painted the bowls.  SOooo not as pretty and smooth as our friend Sara's bowls.  Also, another tip for you, the bowls that didn't have as many layers applied, were easily bending and denting, again, making them look - well, less perfect.

But they are still fun and pretty nonetheless.

Now for the tricky part...

I've never, ever, worked with gold leaf.  It is extremely delicate.  So I applied a very thin layer of podge and used a brush to smooth on a layer of the leaf.  Yes, it looks nothing like Sara's but I'm ok with that.  The end product looks weathered, and worn.  Nothing is perfect right?!

Then...  I spotted my Anthropology catalogue that just happened to come in the mail minutes before my gold leaf catastrophe, I mean, happy accident, and we decided a little Anthro-embelishment was in order, and look at these unexpected beauties!!

Aren't they fun!!?  Who cares if the bowls are a little - uneven, bent, dented and ... well....

we love them!!!  

They are vibrant, interesting to look at, and they hold all kinds of trinkets & earrings!  We enjoyed getting messy and creative, spending time together and definitely have the courage to try another round of papier macher!

What do you think?!