free march 2019 calendar

Are you a planner?!

I love to plan and make lists and write stuff down.

Before I get to this free March 209 calendar that I made for you, it’s confession time.

Even though I plan and write things down, it doesn’t always mean that I finish everything I hope to. I’m ok with that - now.

I think we plan and try to achieve too much in a short amount of time. Don’t you?!

A few weeks ago, I stupidly walked into a door frame going into a crawl space and gave myself a concussion. I wasn’t skydiving or skiing down a mountain, I literally walked into a door frame, head down, looking at my phone trying to turn off the flashlight app. Stupid right?!

Well, three and half weeks later and I’m just starting to feel like myself.

When recovering from a concussion, you can’t do anything.


I couldn’t read, watch tv, scroll on my phone, exercise… nothing. My doctor’s advice was “lead a boring life these next few weeks”. So I slept a lot, I rearranged my drawers and did a little purge. I sat, stared out the window, enjoyed coffee dates from visiting friends when I had energy, but I craved the second when one of the kids or my husband got home.

What it did teach me was to slow down, big time.

I felt like this concussion taught me how to stop. I’m always on the go, working, get the kids somewhere, cooking, just going to the next thing and thinking about how to finishing the next 5 things on my list for that day.

march calendar downlaod.jpg

Crazy right. What’s the rush?!!!

Well, this past Monday was my first day back and I’m now behind on my to-do list big time. But as I got ready for my day, and I felt the old, anxious, monkey brain as I ran through my never ending list of things that I had to do, I stopped!

I took a few moments to breathe. I settled myself. I slowed my racing thoughts down, and started my day with permission that it was ok if I didn’t get to everything that day.

And it worked!

Throughout the day, I stayed focused on the moment, did what I could and listening to my body to notice if there were any residual concussion effects. I actually laid down for a quick rest before the kids got home! I never sit during the day. I even eat lunch at my desk. So taking a break during the day is a biggie for me!

march free printable life i design.jpg

So thank you Concussion 2019 (my pet name for this crazy but eye opening experience), for teaching me not to overcommit, not to create short deadlines and to schedule dates for “me time” or to take naps when I need them!!

When I designed this free march 2019 calendar, I had a few thing in mind; it had to be pretty, it had to be functional and it has to inspire you to schedule time for yourself too!

If you’re a member of the Creative Library, you would have received an email with the link to download it already! If you’re not a member, why not!!?

Click here to get access to the Library and access to this pretty and inspirational calendar that you can download, print and use!

free calendar download.jpg

Use it to schedule coffee dates with friends. Gym dates to honor your health and body. Use it for your business and plan social media content ideas.

Whatever your purpose is for writing down and planning March 2019, I hope you schedule some fun, some personal deadlines and leave some days blank!!