Goodbye BORING, hello exciting

Although we are still in the midst of the deep freeze here in Toronto, the sun is shining, the days are getting longer and spring is near. Spring always makes me want to clean, purge and freshen up the house. I find really simple and affordable ways to do that, either with buying some new throw pillows (I seriously have a problem), or changing up the art around the house.

After a deep clean and purge, just by adding a few new pieces here and there, I feel like the place is ready to welcome in more sunny days and warmth.

Here are some inspiring gallery walls help say goodbye to boring, and hello exciting!

Gallery wall inspiration to help you say goodbye boring, and hello exciting!

Gallery wall inspiration to help you say goodbye boring, and hello exciting!

Gallery walls don’t have to be a huge undertaking and you don’t have to add expensive pieces of art to create an exciting and stylish look to your room.

My two biggest tips for creating a gallery wall are; build a theme, and add a variety of sizes and motifs.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite examples of gallery walls for you to use as inspiration.

My personal preference is always simple and clean, however, I am embracing color more and more these days. Have a look at the examples below using narrow shelving to help you add gallery wall elements that you can change easily and even lean books onto.

I love the idea of creating interest around a corner of your home by wrapping your gallery wall around an outer corner.


Also notice here that the style of the frame is all very similar; slim black frame, with strong white negative space and a nice balance of motifs and color.

That bright accent chair just adds another element of style to tie in a really balanced look and feel!

Here are a few examples of exciting gallery walls that I love which add color, and a really interesting variety of motifs.

Notice how the image on the left keeps a consistent nature theme for this gallery wall, and a few alternate styles with the antlers and even plants!

Incredible, isn’t it!

Another big tip when building your gallery wall is to lay everything out on the floor first, making sure to vary the heights of your pieces (no straight lines here please) and also make sure there’s enough room between the pieces so that they can stand alone, while hanging in a grouping.

A few inches between is a great start. Pull them apart from each other even more to fill up more of your wall!

Sometimes choosing the right pieces are a challenge for some people. I suggest visiting your local gift and independent boutique shops, as they often support local artists by carrying their artwork. You can also visit sites like Society6 where artists can upload and sell their art online.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little inspiration with adding excitement to your walls with some really great art! Home decor and styling has always been a passion of mine and as someone who works from home, my personal space is really important to me. Being able to break up the boring, everyday, and saying hello exciting, new updates is important to my creativity and frame of mind! Do you agree?!!