Gallery Walls - Inspirations for Creating a Gallery Wall and my Top 5 Tips!

We are in the process of updating the interior of our home and the most fun part of this new experience has been finding inspiration.

I don't know about you, but I visit Pinterest often and love perusing new boards, looking up random places, recipes and pinning away!

My latest project has been planning the updates for my home studio.

nicki studio fireplace

I've already chosen the new colour, I've found a supplier for a piece of reclaimed wood for the fireplace and now I want to plan the gallery wall where my plan is to hang an eclectic arrangement of art and interesting pieces. 

Here are some of my favourite gallery wall inspirations from my "How to Hang Art" Board.  Have a look for a moment and drool with me.

This look is for those who need balance and harmony in their lives I think.

structured gallery wall

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Then there's the "above the desk" gallery wall.  I love mix of frames and varied composition of this arrangement.

above the desk gallery wall

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Here's a solution for how to hang all of the wonderful art that your children bring home! 

childrens gallery wall

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I adore this corner gallery lay-out.  It's getting closer to what I imagine in my studio.

corner gallery wall

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This one reminds me of the urban loft that I dream of living in one day.

loft gallery wall

{photo credit}

This seaside theme is a fun grouping creating a unified themed wall.

seaside gallery wall

{photo credit}

My Top 5 Tips for creating your own gallery wall!

1) Make sure the art varies in composition and size,  i.e. abstract, black and white prints, photographs, colours, large pieces vs. smaller ones.

2) Find a few pieces that are 3-dimensional such as the stars above, or busts, and textured frames.  Vary the finishes ie. bronze, black, metal and wood.

3) Hang the pieces close to one another so that they are grounded by each surrounding piece.  This is what makes them connect as one flowing arrangement, when your gallery is complete.

4) You can either plan the placement of each item on the floor first then hang them on the wall measuring carefully.  Or be free flowing and hang pieces as you find them in your travels, creating an ever-growing wall of your own personal art-expression.

5) Most importantly, make sure that each piece you hang means something to you.  You'll most likely be living with it for a while so the more it speaks to you, the better the chances are that you'll love it for years to come.  Another option is to use frames and place art pieces/prints that you can change up as often as you like!

I'll share my studio gallery wall once we get the old particle board torn down and the new paint-colour up!

Catch up with me on Pinterest so that I can browse your boards and see what inspiration you're sharing.