Heart Themed Round-up

This Heart Themed Round-up is a bit of visual therapy for me today.

Today, I look to my heart. It's full. It's happy.


do you ever have one of those days when you feel a little drained?!

Spent perhaps? Just plain old tired?!

Well, January has proved to be a month that I managed to "get through" and it seems that February holds much more promise.

Some days, I give myself permission to take the day off.

To just sit.

Read perhaps.

Have an extra cup of steamy goodness and just think.




And that day is today.

I did all of those things.

Today, I looked for beautiful, red hearts and inspiration for February & Valentine's Day.  

I gave myself permission to take some time off. To fill my heart. To sit. And to rest.


... is another day.

Here is my heart themed round-up and my visual therapy for the day.  How can you not smile and be hopeful for a fabulous February?!!

1. Heart Bowl

2. White Bowl with Tiny Heart

3. Heart Ring

4. LOVE Pillow {my fav}

5. Child's Tee

6. Heart Pillow  

7. Felt Bowl

8. Heart Kitchen Towel