Wheatgrass Juice!

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My newest healthy obsession is wheatgrass juice!

 I was inspired to try a hit of healthy wheatgrass juice when I read online somewhere of someone boasting about how much energy they had after downing a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice.  That's enough for me to start doing some research.

As someone with hypothyroidism, and low iron, energy is always something I try to improve naturally.

So during my quest to google search, read blogs and articles about the benefits of wheatgrass, I discovered a few cool things about this beautiful grass!

Four of the top benefits of consuming fresh wheatgrass juice {that caught my eye} are;

1. It improves digestion and metabolism.

2. It contains antioxidants which repair damaged cells and rejuvenates aging cells. 

3. It treats acne and heals acne scaring and prevents greying of hair {3 benefits but all really great to me!}

4. It purifies the blood and cleanses the kidneys, liver and urinary tract.

It is also immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and provides instant energy.  Along with so many more benefits, just google and you'll be surprised yourself I'm sure!

So, while at my local health food shop, I grabbed a small packet of wheatgrass powder to experience the taste and the natural energy boost.  It was ok.  I didn't enjoy the taste and I felt like I wanted to experience it as freshly squeezed as possible.  

So I researched buying frozen cubes of it from a local farm, but before I made time to place an order online, I stumbled upon this beautiful plant on a recent grocery trip!

It's a local grown, organic wheatgrass, plant.  It is green, healthy and beautiful.  

I brought it home and researched how best to extract it's amazing juice.  Initially, my thought was to toss a handful into my morning green smoothie.  Research made me think twice about it.  Apparently the leaves are hard to digest and the best part of the grass is the juice.  I don't have a juicer nor do I have a wheatgrass juicer {I'm contemplating getting one though}, so I took out my trusty mortar and pestle and started mashing a small handfull of leaves that I pre-snipped with a pair of kitchen scissors.

I added a little bit of filtered water to the bowl and continued to mash until it started to look like this...

When the leaves turn whitish{or a lighter green}, you've basically beat the chlorophyl out of the blades.

Next step is to strain the juice through a fine mesh.  I was surprised at hour vibrant the juice was! 

Trust me that this process is work.  It's messy.  But it's so gratifying to know that you just mashed out a whole lot of goodness into these little ice cube trays.

I now have 12 days worth of freshly mashed, organic wheatgrass juice in my freezer.  

Every morning, I drop a bright green, frozen cube of goodness into my morning smoothie!

I am building up the amount of wheatgrass I consume slowly as it does cleanse and has a de-toxifying effect on the major organs {check the benefits listed above}.  What I plan to do is to juice twice the amount next time around and freeze larger servings.  

I am on day 3 and feel great so far.  

Do you consume wheatgrass juice? If so, what has your experience been? I'd love it if you shared with me!


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