How to create a collection: Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

How to Create a Collection:  Part 1 - brainstorming and finding inspiration for your mood board

Sometimes I launch new designs and feel like I've just finished a marathon.  Other times, it seems all I have to do is snap my fingers and the collection just falls into place naturally.

We've recently produced a new line of recipe cards that I'm really excited about - you can check them out here.   Along with this new product range we'll be launching a range later this summer/fall to compliment the cards.  This is one of the biggest undertakings we've had and I thought it would be fun to share how new products and designs come together in a collection.

I've broken down the process into 3 parts with the hopes of giving you a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes in l.i.d.'s studio and how to create a collection of your own if you are a new artist, designer etc.

The first thing that I do is open myself up to ideas.  I don't have a strict practice for how I brainstorm but I follow my instincts and throughout my day, I take notice of things that inspire me and wait for inspiration to present itself.  

Really technical right?!!

This may sound crazy but some of my best "aha" moments happen in the shower! When I don't have a sketchbook and pencil handy!  Some times it's when I'm washing the dishes, or walking the dog.  It's funny how inspiration comes once you open yourself up to an idea. 

I create random posts that you may have seen on social media and here on the blog called "Note to self" and came across a quote from Julia Child that I just loved! So I researched more about her, was reminded of how much I loved that movie from a few years ago; Julia & Julia, and the more I researched about Julia Child, the more inspiring she became.

So onto Google I went to research some Julia Child quotes.  I knew I wanted our standard black and white designs with lettering but we're also trying to incorporate colour into some designs for my colour-lovin' clients.  But first quotes!

Once I decided on about 7 or so quotes {more is always better!}.  I went on to start working on colour and bits of illustration that I would use throughout the designs.

Pinterest is one of my favourite resources for inspiration.  I use it often for colour palette ideas as well as photo reference if I am sketching a specific animal or object.  You can check out my board called Colour Palettes here.

After a lot of research and note taking, I feel like there's a basic plan in place, so the sketching process begins, which is Part 2 in this series about how to create a collection!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my behind the scenes post!