How to create a collection: Part 3 of a 3 part series

If you've been following along with this 3 Part Series, about how to create a collection, I'm hoping you have a better idea of how an idea comes to be a new product in the shop.

How to create a collection: Part 3 - Working from scanned drawings to digitizing for final print

So you've taken time and found inspiration for your new collection.  You've sketched your heart out and decided on the final elements of your sketches that you want to use in your products, now it's time to pull everything together and finalize your designs.

In my case, I was working on not only a new product line for l.i.d. but also a new collection that I would use on recipe cards and have those designs carry over to other products.  This means that I need to work in digital format.

So I scanned all the sketches, ink work and lettering with my trusty Cannon Scanner (I sometimes use my iPhone and a scanning app) and brought them into Illustrator to begin vectorizing and laying out the designs in my art boards.

Scanning is my least favourite thing to do, but I normally have Netflix on in the background and listen/watch an episode of Chef's Table.  Have you watched an episode?! SO inspiring and I love learning about the back-stories of the chefs and watch these courses come to life.  Back to the process...  

I start pulling in the lettering, my colour ideas and illustrative elements and this is where I am surprised at how designs come to life on their own.  What often catches me off-guard is how something that I thought would look amazing, falls flat in the end and in other cases, something that I expected to look great gets tossed in the trash!

I usually print up a storm as I am pulling elements together because I need to see what it looks like on paper, in my hands, and usually in the size that they will be as a finished product. 

This process can take hours or a few days.  I highly recommend leaving the project for a day or so, to take a break from it.   Come back to it the next day and look at it with fresh eyes.  

Some things that I ask myself are; Do I still love it?  Would I put it in my personal space? How can I make it better? Does the collection work together and how does each design stand alone?

After many hours of detailed editing and final printing, there comes a moment when you just know that the designs are ready for their intended purpose.  In this case, to write favourite recipes on and perhaps even share with friends and family.

Here's a product shot of my favourite design of the recipe cards.  I use these ones all the time.  There's nothing better than a little luxury in everyday living!

I hope you enjoyed this 3 part series about how to create a collection.  Every one is a labour of love and the most rewarding part is to witness new designs come to life!


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