Why simplifying beats struggling

Have you every had one of those days, moments, times when things just don't seem to come together no matter how hard you try?!  You problem solve. You think outside of the box and look for alternatives.  You try your best and things still don't seem to work out as planned.  Or even at all?!

That has been my creative life these last few months until I learned that simplifying things beats struggling with them.

Over these last few months I have been busy designing, working on new collections and as well as new products.  I can't even tell you how many road blocks I've hit - and at high speeds!  I tried my best to be resourceful, have a good attitude and find "work-arounds".  

As time passed and projects seem to be going no-where, I wondered if I was over complicating things.  I noticed that I was having more frustrating moments than joy-filled ones.  I noticed that I wasn't living the creative life that I was accustomed to.  I was a frustrated "Project Manager" not a free-flowing, Creative Entrepreneur.

So what did I do?! 

I gave up.  

Yup!  Threw my hands in the air and said "I'm done" {through tears of frustration}.

But I didn't feel defeated, I actually felt free and empowered!

In that moment, I surrendered all frustration and decided to simplify my creative life once again.  After all, I live a life that i design!  Simplifying made me see that I have great designs and new collections that I can use, I'll just change the way that I use them!  The ego makes it hard to let go of stuff sometimes but common sense and objective thinking is the way to go!

For the last week I focused on what made me happy and simplified my daily process and routine.  I'm filling up my sketchbook, my licensing portfolio and my creative spirit!  What a shift from feeling defeated right!?? 

Here are a few photos to share with you the moments that I felt simply at ease last week...

This is a cool pattern that I'll be adding to my licensing portfolio.  Can you imagine wrapping paper and gift bags in that fun pattern?!!

I've created 100 gifts for an upcoming Etsy Show that I'll be at in September.  There's nothing better than using my hands to create something tangible.

One evening, I grabbed a bag of my favourite snack and bought two new magazines that I've never read before that are my new favs!

And finally, I hand lettered this quote that reminds me "It's never too late to get your shit together".  No matter how far into a project, a relationship or a commitment you've found yourself. 

Often we look at social media, maybe blogs or other places online and see only the "best of" posts.   I myself can't get enough of beautiful photography sharing beautiful moments, but I think it's posts like these that I yearn for -  to get an unedited peek into what is sometimes behind those beautiful moments.  

It's the hard, messy, struggles that brings us beauty! I hope this post inspires you to simplify and let go of the struggle. 

Nicki xo