How to learn modern calligraphy

It's the start of the new year and time for us to add a few things to our bucket list.  Forget the resolutions for a minute.  What's on your bucket list? Do you want to take a special trip? Go bungee jumping? Maybe you just want to learn something new?  How about learning modern calligraphy!!?

How to learn modern calligraphy

Lettering is a big part of my business life but every day life too.  Yes, I'm totally plugged into to technology.  My arsenal is Apple all the way.  I schedule things in my iPhone, post from my iPad and design on my mac, but I also plan, brainstorm, design and sketch with my lead pencil and notebook.  Writing, doodling, sketching the old fashioned analogue way, is something that I have to do on a daily basis. 

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When I started teaching workshops last year, I was filled with inspiration to help people go back to the mighty pen and paper.  Modern calligraphy was the perfect avenue for me.  I have to confess though... my everyday handwriting is actually really messy, simple, plain and sometimes looks child-like.  You'd never guess by looking at my lettering designs but I'll have to show you it one day!

So how do you learn modern calligraphy?  There are a great many resources online at the moment with tutorials and videos showing you how to letter, what to use etc.  but it get a little complicated. Let me break it down for you.

If you are in the local north-of-Toronto area, have a look at these in-person how to learn modern calligraphy courses that I teach.

If a local in-person workshop isn't possible, then I've started posting a few videos to show you how to form letters and the alphabet on my life i design YouTube channel.  Here's the latest video that I posted...

Step 1. This video is great visual inspiration on how to learn modern calligraphy but you should start with this workbook here.  It takes you step by step through which nib and pen to use, how to use them and how to do the basic stroke warm-up along with the lower case, upper case and fun prompts to get you warmed up.

There's no need to wait for mail to arrive!  You simple purchase, click your download link and print the pages you'd like to practice with. 

Step 2. Once you feel like you are able to control the pen and ink and want to really work on letter formation, then go on to this workbook here.  It is a simple and comprehensive workbook to help you with more warm-up strokes then moving on to exact strokes you need to learn in order to master the lower case alphabet!

Step 3. Learn flourishes and even learn how to letter a quote!! The digital version is HERE!  Once you feel like you're really comfortable lettering in modern calligraphy, your final step is to add some personality and flourishing to your lettering!  This workbook takes you through the fun process of flourishes and pushes you to try your hand at lettering a quote too!!

I hope this post helps to decipher how to learn modern calligraphy, because once you do learn, you'll be able to use it in your everyday life.  From writing greeting card messages, to journalling to writing in your daily planner.  The sky's the limit!!

Happy writing!



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