How to make a Christmas gift tag

Christmas is the time of year when most people are in the mood to celebrate, decorate and try a few DIYs too!  This simple how to make a Christmas gift tag post, is inspired by my calligraphy workshop students as I wanted to demonstrate how to incorporate lettering into your Christmas decorating!


Here's a little inspiration for those of you who are enjoying learning how to incorporate modern calligraphy and lettering into everyday life.  I've put together a really simple way to practice lettering and showing off your new skills 

First off, the materials can be very simple.  I used some scraps of watercolor paper and watercolors to create the base of the tags.  I had no idea really of what I wanted in terms of background, I just played with splotches of color, loose shapes and lettered the word merry too!

how to make christmas gift tags.jpg

I then cut the shapes out and thought about a few sayings that I wanted to letter.

lettering christmas gift tags.jpg

I chose a variety of lettering tools for this quick and easy Christmas gift tag project.  A dip pen and ink, a brush pen, a gold gel pen and a watercolor brush are all that I needed for a variety of lettering styles.

hand lettering.jpg

Even if you aren't familiar with calligraphy lettering, use a gold pen and write as fancy as you can.  If you are curious about learning modern calligraphy, have a look at these simple downloadable workbooks too!

lettered gift tags.jpg

Play around with font styles and have fun adding your own personal charm and touch!

christmas gift tag.jpg

Voila! You now have a variety of hand lettered Christmas gift tags that you can use!

I have a confession to make here.  I'm really hopeless at wrapping gifts (add ironing to that list too) so I normally choose gift bags and tissue for quick and easy gifts.  

But here are a few ways I wrapped gifts with these tags, including drawing on kraft paper too!!

gift tag ideas.jpg

I also started planning how I wanted to set the table for our very special family Christmas dinner and used a few tags as place cards.  I'm quite pleased as to how they turned out and am excited to set a full table on Christmas.

calligraphy place setting.jpg

I'm also obsessed with fairy lights this year.  They are everywhere in my Christmas decorating.  Why not use them on the dinner table too!!?

christmas place cards.jpg

I hope you're inspired to try your hand at lettering your own Christmas gift tags or even place settings for your special meal.  The materials are simple, the tools can be basic, but the touch is always special, as it is your own way of adding your charm and character to any occassion!

Happy Holidays!