Printing on Fabric - Who knew it would be so easy?!!

For months I've had a DIY written on a sticky note that I wanted to try!

I finally did...

Printing on Fabric - Who knew it would be so easy!!

I've agonized over what method to try, which image to use, what type of fabric to print on...  I've scoured Pinterest and have looked at a ton of sites, researching the best techniques to use to print on fabric.  Finally - today, I printed on fabric!!

I used a cotton, unbleached fabric that I bought in the craft section of Wal-mart {who knew!?} and I used a portion of an image that I drew the other day.

I am very excited to share with you this easy technique that works like a charm and perfectly on my first go!  Amazing right?!!

Here's what you'll need to start. 

fabric art supplies


Start by ironing the fabric as best as possible.  {Perhaps washing it first might help with the fold lines that are always a challenge to iron out.}  Then cut the fabric to whatever size your choose.  I cut mine to 8 X 10 as I knew I would frame it in a size at least 8 X 10 or smaller. 

Next spray the printer paper with the adhesive {outdoors to be safe} to coat the sheet with a very light coat of the adhesive.  Let it set for a few minutes before smoothing the fabric onto it.  The printer paper helps to support the fabric during printing and makes feeding it into the printer easy.  Yup! I printed using my ink jet directly onto the fabric.

Lastly chose an image that you love.  I chose one of my own that I had played around with in Photoshop and here is how it came out!

Print on fabric

Give the print a few minutes to dry and then carefully peel the fabric from the paper. 

feather on fabric

Pop it into a frame!

feather print

 Unique, beautiful art!

Let me know if you try this DIY and how it works out for you!!

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Thank you!  Thank you!

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