Color exploration and new designs!

These last 6 months, I dedicated a lot of my time and energy into painting new pieces of original art work, and also to exploring my passion for illustrating and designing.

What I’ve learned over the last 6 months is that consistency is key. Practice is paramount. Confidence comes with practice and consistency.

What I’ve also learned and am working more on is that color isn’t my strong suit. I live in a world of black and white. Everything from my clothes, to my decor to my dreams are mostly black and white! I gave myself parameters when using colors in my original art pieces and allowed time, and mistakes to happen as I explored color.

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Goodbye BORING, hello exciting

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little inspiration with adding excitement to your walls with some really great art! Home decor and styling has always been a passion of mine and as someone who works from home, my personal space is really important to me. Being able to break up the boring, everyday, and saying hello exciting, new updates is important to my creativity and frame of mind! Do you agree?!!

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How to make seating cards

I shared on my instagram, seating cards that I was making for my Modern Calligraphy dip pen workshop. Some of you wanted more information about how to make them so I went live on Instagram and showed how I letter the seating cards using a dip pen and a simple painting brush.

The end result is really beautiful and the steps are actually super simple! I thought I’d demystify the process of making seating cards so that you can try your hand at making them for your next gathering, special event or meeting!

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Chalk wall lettering and decor inspiration.

Last year I took on a really easy project to update our living room / dining room. I bought 2 cans of black chalk board paint and painted a feature wall in the dining room.  Every now and then, we update the wall with doodles, quotes and randomness.  Here are some chalk wall inspiration for you to check out!

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Here's my Secret to Getting Happy Fast!!

Imagine this... you walk in your front door and you notice that school bags are thrown onto the floor, your foyer rug is crooked and needs replacing, there's nothing on the walls in front of you to inspire or welcome you home.  You continue on past your living room and you notice the pillows on the couch have seen better days, there is "stuff" strewn all over the coffee table and you are reminded that you need to spend a few days, if not weeks de-cluttering.  You continue on into the kitchen where dishes are left to fossilize on the counter and sink, the milk has been left out and you have to clean up before you can even think of getting dinner started.

How do you feel?

Sit with that for a moment.


imagine this....

you walk in your front door and you notice that the school bags are left on the floor, next to them, is a neat, bright rug, you look up and there is a beautiful art print on the wall listing your family rules *it makes you smile*.  You continue on past your living room, your bold pillows make you sigh and the inspiring photography books and gardening magazines remind you that you'll be relaxing and enjoying those soon enough.  You continue on into the kitchen, alas, fossilized dishes remain on the counter, but as you flip on the light switch in the kitchen, that orb light fixture that you just had to have illuminates the kitchen and inspires you to cook up something healthy and nourishing - just as soon as you pour yourself a glass of white and tidy up the kitchen.

Which one is closest to how you feel when you arrive home?

Do you even notice how you feel when you walk into your home, a room, your space?!  Or do you not look for fear of all that you want to change?!

Here's my secret to getting happy fast!

I've been known to change and re-arrange furniture ... a lot.

It makes me happy when I've swapped a table runner, or cushion covers, or even moved the couches around.

It instantly shifts energy, I feel like I'm in a fresh environment and it inspires me to de-clutter a little bit.  I'm of the mindset that your environment affects your mood, your productivity and your happiness level - being happy is at the top of my list!

It doesn't have to mean a huge renovation, or a time consuming project, simple touches are where the bang for your buck is.

My biggest secret to getting happy fast is to frame a piece of art and change it up every now and then.  My mood changes, my inspiration changes, and so does my art work.

Here are a few examples of some ways that I use art in my own home.

Photography art{Our own photos from Paris which we took on a recent trip that we cropped and framed.  It reminds us of our great adventure together.}

Kitchen art display{This is my kitchen shelf that gets switched up the most!  These are all my pieces and they remind me to be creative everyday.  I like the pop of colour in a neutral space too}

Kid's Room Art{I've installed a few floating picture rails in my daughter's room where she can place knick knacks and her most recent creations!}

Living Room Art{Using a piece of furniture like this antique desk that I refinished and painted black, adds interest to a corner in our living room.  Place a few great pieces on it and around it and it makes for a great stage to re-decorate as often as you like! It even doubles as a bar when we are entertaining!}

For more art ideas, visit the art shop and have a poke around.

What do you do to change up your space?  Do you have any tips to share?  I'd love to hear from you.

P.S. {If you think this post will help a friend make a few tweaks to their space and inspire them too, please share it!}

Nicki xo