My Not-so-secret Affair.

I love your smooth body.

I love how you light up when you want to share something with me.

I love your warm glow.

I love reading your messages.

I love how you whistle at me.

I love you...

Yes, I must confess. I love my iPhone. I treat it like it's my 3rd child.

It lies next to me on my bedside table when I sleep.

It whistles at me when I get a text message.

It allows me to google answers to my kid's homework questions.

It gives me great recipe ideas when I am stumped.

The list goes on and on. If you have an iPhone, you may or may not relate, but what makes me love my iPhone so much are the apps that I download, enjoy and must share!

Here are some of my most favourite apps of the moment.

Be warned that it may make you too fall in love with your iPhone - if you haven't done so already.

Pinterest - I am always happily surprised at all of the great recipes, workout ideas, decorating inspiration and talent that exists in the world of Pinterest. Part of my bed-time ritual is to unwind and browse some of my favourite categories on Pinterest. Connect with me here.

TeuxDeux - Do you like to make to-do lists? If so, this one is for you!

Instagram - Again, I love to browse photos and am in awe of the great talent that exists within the realm of Instagram. You can easily edit, enhance and share photos using this great app. Here's how we can connect here I'd love to check out what you are pinning.

Evernote - It's the bomb!! I can create documents, notes, clip articles from the web and access all of my notes on any of my iDevices or Mac. It syncs up to the Evernote cloud and all of your applications are updates once you connect to the Internet. Love this one from a productivity and accessibility perspective.

Omvana - This is a new one and it enables you to access great meditations and spiritual talks. One of my new favs and a keeper for sure!

Action Movie - This is a fun one that allows you to create fun movies from short video clips. We've blown up lots of stuff with this app. It's kind of a stress reliever!

What are some of your favourite apps?! I'd love to check them out.