The August Break 2013!

the august break

My family is from Europe, Greece to be exact.

In Greece, everyone pretty much takes a month long vacation in August.  They return to their villages where they grew up.  They visit the islands and spend the month at their beach houses.  They nap.  They stroll.  They enjoy life.

Here in North America.  We work hard.  We work long hours.  When we are finished working, we continue to work after hours.  We do work around the house.... Have I said "work" enough.

Well, when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work and that's great, but sometimes you need to unplug and take a break.  Being self-employed means you don't get paid vacation or time off.  You have to grant it to yourself.

Well, this morning I was visiting one of the many blogs that I love and follow by Tammie Bennett and she announced that she is taking a break!  I was so inspired and something went off in my mind! I need a bit of a creative, enjoy the month of August, type of break too!!  I have a feeling that this will be a new tradition for me. Check out Susannah Conway, the originator of the August break here.

The August Break 2013

the august breakwill be something that I am going to do, embrace and enjoy - without guilt!

I plan to enjoy my family, catch up on reading, design and create more art and enjoy the month of August moment, by moment!

That doesn't mean that all business stops.  The Art Shop will be open for business as usual.  I'll just be taking a break from posting on the blog weekly.

You'll see me on social media and even on your blog!  I will be posting what I am doing, loving, seeing, eating, creating etc. daily on Instagram!  That's part of the break.  Sharing daily photos and in the moment experiences.  

If you want to follow along, or join in yourself hashtag #augustbreak2013

and be sure to comment below so that I can follow you as we take the August Break 2013!

Cheers to a fabulous break, to renewed creativity, and to connecting on Instagram!