What is Modern Calligraphy

I was browsing a few hand lettering groups on Facebook last week and discovered that quite a few people aren’t quite sure what Modern Calligraphy is and what the difference is between more traditional forms of calligraphy. I thought I’d create an easy cheat sheet to help explain what Modern Calligraphy is for us visual people! First, here’s a quick video that I created while making and digitizing the lettering for the cheat sheet!

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I'm really bad at flourished lettering & how I practice

I’m a professional hand letterer and calligrapher and I’m really bad at flourish calligraphy!! It doesn’t mean that I don’t practice! Here’s a great practice flourish alphabet for you to use and trace along with me as we build muscle memory and learn calligraphy together!

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Free printable 2014 Goals and Dreams Worksheets that you just can't say no to!!!

In the month of December, I usually spend time going over the events of the past year. I celebrate any accomplishments - big or small, I ponder over what I've learned from any failures, and I plan and dream about what I'd like to see happen in my life in the new year.  In every aspect of my life. I set goals.  I dream.  I learn.  I grow.  I plan how to live a life that i design. "One's philosophy is not the best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility." - Eleanor Roosevelt

...we shape our lives and we shape ourselves...

Love that line best.

Soooooo, I want to invite you to get down to some reflection and goal setting with me.  What I've designed are a few beautiful planning pages for you to use to help you look at your current year and figure out what you'd like to see happen in 2014!  To set goals.  To dream.  And to look at the big picture as we shape our lives and ourselves!

2014 Goal Setting

Now, before I get too deep in to this post, here's a disclaimer - I'm not a life coach.  I'm not a personal development guru.  I'm just a focused, hard working girl. I've learned a lot in the last 40+ years and have a thing or two share.  What I do know for certain, is that everyone is different.  Some people can handle more.  Some people need to take baby steps.  What I'm going to share with you is that you should read what I have to offer, and customize it to best suit you, your personality, your life.

My best advice to you, is to play with your plans and ideas.  Get creative about how you want your life to change.  And to do it in ways that push you out of your comfort zone a little.  That's where great change happens.

Let's get started.

Here are the 6 categories {and ideas} that I reflect upon when I set my goals:

1.  Health & Fitness - I look at how I can make improvements in my diet, my exercise routine, my fitness level, how much I am resting, what can I do to improve my energy levels, etc.

2. Family & Relationships - how we as a family unit are doing, where we need to spend more time, how do we need to spend our time together.  What friendships feed me, what business relationships do I want to grow, what I enjoy most when I am with others, etc.

3. Money & Career - what is my financial goal for the year, my income, how much am I spending, saving, investing, where my business is going, what I enjoyed about it, what I can improve and grow upon, what classes can I take, programs can I enroll in, etc.

4. Spirituality & Personal Development - what feeds my inner-spirit, what makes me feel joy from the inside out, what books can I read, what my intuition is telling me to focus on, what makes me ask more questions about my authentic self, and what can I do to share my personal journey, etc.

5. Travel & Experiences - where do I want to travel to, what vacations did I enjoy this past year, where do I want to go on my own, with my family, what fun experiences did we have and what can we do more of in the upcoming year, etc.

6. Overall Lifestyle - how do I want to spend my days, what freedoms, allowances, & experiences do I want to see more of, how to do I want to feel, where do I see myself in 3-5 years - the big picture.

I use these categories to list a few things I'd like to see happen.  I make notes, I scribble out ones that don't have a lasting impression on me and I narrow it down.  I then try to chunk these notes which are now goals, into smaller pieces and focus on one goal per category.  Which I then write on my New Year Goals - 2014 sheet.

Goal sheet 2014Next step, I spend a few minutes thinking about what I'd love to see happen in my life, my family's life and this is where I give myself permission to play and dream! I write what my ideal day looks like, my ideal vacation, my ideal experience and how I want to feel, on the 2014 Dream List sheet.  I play and get really creative here.  This is where you realize a little more about who you are and what really feeds your soul.  Remember, this is your personal list, you don't have to share it with anyone.  Be open and honest with yourself here.

Dream list 2014

The 3-5 Year, Big Plans sheet is where you will again, get creative and play with how you want to your life to look in the next 3-5 years.  This is where you can look back and really see the fruits of your labour.  Where you'll notice marked changes in your life.  This is something most people don't do and I encourage you to do more of.

Big plan 3-5 year plan

Here's a tip:  Look BACK at the last 3-5 years and think about all of the things you've experiences, places you've visited, things you've accomplished, and people you've met.  Get excited about them.  Just think about the amazing possibilities of what you can do over the next 3-5 years and all of the even more amazing things that life has to offer you!!


If goal setting is too hard, just pick one thing.  One important thing to you, but make a decision to take a small step each and every day.  When I read the book The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson who says "make the daily choices that will lead you to the success you desire", I realized what I was doing wrong.  Reading it was a game changer for me.  I realized that it was the small daily efforts that shifted areas in my life which then propelled me towards my bigger goals.  I was an all or nothing kind of girl. Now I do a little bit each day and have really seen some huge change in the last few years living this way. If you haven't read the book, that should go on the top of your list in the 4th category, Spirituality & Personal Development.

For your own personal 2014 Goals and Dreams Worksheets, download the PDFs here and here.  

goal setting worksheets 2014

Print as many copies of these worksheet as you want and may I recommend using good quality paper.  Your plans are important, why not treat them with importance!?

Write your lists.  Make your plans.  Re-write them. Perfect them. Just do them and then put them away for a little while.  Take them out a few weeks later and see if they are still important to you.  Think about how passionate you are about them.  Do they still have the same meaning to you?  Do you feel the same emotions?  If you answered yes, yes, yes!  Then your next step is to work a little bit each day, take inspired action and make 2014 an amazing year and live a life that YOU design!!!

Let me know what you think and if these worksheets help you!

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Life I design anniversary giveaway

 Good luck and happy planning!!

Nicki xo