What is Modern Calligraphy

I was browsing a few hand lettering groups on Facebook last week and discovered that quite a few people aren’t quite sure what Modern Calligraphy is and what the difference is between more traditional forms of calligraphy. I thought I’d create an easy cheat sheet to help explain what Modern Calligraphy is for us visual people! First, here’s a quick video that I created while making and digitizing the lettering for the cheat sheet!

Here’s the cheatsheet that you can save, pin to Pinterest and refer to!

What is Modern Calligraphy - explained in a few easy to follow visuals

What is Modern Calligraphy - explained in a few easy to follow visuals

TIP: There are a ton of free calligraphy videos and tutorials online, and lots of inspiration to draw from, however, you must learn the basic strokes and how to hold your pen tool properly as well as how to control it when you first get started. Learning the proper techniques will save you a ton of time and frustration. When you’ve learnt all the basics, you’ll be able to watch videos and follow tutorials which will help you grow your skill and experience.

I recommend using workbooks, taking online classes as well as in-person workshops. Any way that you can get instruction is good instruction! If you can vary your instruction and instructors, even better!!

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