Free Printable - my secret weapon for meal planning!

Summer break is over, school has begun and now we are faced with the daily challenge of what to pack the kid's lunch boxes with and what to make for dinner before we race off to hockey, soccer, and music class!!

This free printable is my secret weapon for meal planning that will help you with all of that!!!

fall lunch and dinner menu

In the past I've used different tools to help with having the family involved with planning meals like this one here. I found that I was the one always writing in what to pack for lunches and didn't feel like I had the input from the family.

See I have a philosophy that I stick to about food and meals.  I grew up loving food but not enjoying the meals that my mom prepared for me.  I guess even back then I had a sophisticated palate and knew what I liked and didn't like.  I'm a foodie and love to cook - but hate to do dishes (it's always been an "ik" thing for me)  My kids are foodies too.  They love trying new dishes, and definitely have their preference for meals.  So at meal time around here, there are always a few sides to choose from, a vegetarian option as well as a meat, and it is often that I have all burners going on the stove!  

The one thing that makes all that work and prep worth it, is watching my family enjoy their meals, and talk about how much they love what they are eating with such a healthy and excited attitude about food.

Sooooo, to help me with the task of packing lunches that last in their bags all morning long and that still taste good.  Or to help with dinners that aren't too repetitive and are still interesting, I designed these two printables that can be found on our fridge and can be updated by every member of our family.  

lunch & dinner menu printable{I even had fun with testing out my new prisma pencils and drew a few quick illustrations for the printables.  After all, if you are going to hang something up in your home, it may as well be attractive!!}

With these babies hanging on the fridge, the family can now help plan the meals for the week which takes a huge load off of me.  But most importantly, they can now help too!! The kids are more eager to help pack their lunch bags and are actively looking to help with dinner prep!  Oh, and I left the weekend out because I think that sometimes you just need to not plan, and go with the flow! Weekends are best for doing just that! Oh and always try and give yourself a break with picking a night for takeout!

That's when the cookbooks come out for new recipes to try and for us to salivate over!

lunch and dinner menu printableHere's what you need to do to get your FREE printables.

For the lunch printable, click on this PDF here

For the dinner printable, click on this PDF here.

Save them to your computer and print them out weekly to help you with your meal planning!

Do me a favour?!? Share this post with a friend and help them enjoy the meal planning and have their family involved too!!

Let me know how you make out!!