How to Easily use a Watercolor Brush Pen & Paint

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of watercolor and waterbrush pens. I teach workshops and online classes that feature a waterbrush pen to easily paint stems and leaves as well as create a variety of brush pen lettering.

As a designer and artist, I find that having a variety of mediums and tools to create with keeps my art interesting and fresh so that I stay inspired and creative.

I thought I’d share with you a few quick videos that I recorded using the Timelapse feature on my iPhone - I have to say, it’s quite an addictive feature to be able to record these timelapse videos!


Here’s a shot of the finished quick illustration. You really don’t need anything too fancy. Grab your favorite waterbrush pen, I’m using an aquash pen here. Have your favorite watercolor palette on hand to mix, blend and choose any of the beautiful colors you wish and a stack of printer paper to get started with!


I like using printer paper when I’m just playing around with my watercolor because I don’t feel like I’m wasting expensive watercolor paper on warm-up or practice.

grow and stem watercolor.jpg

Here’s another quote that I lettered quickly as I was thinking about my upcoming workshop. You can see how fine the tip of the waterbrush pen is but with the right technique, I can letter nice, thick downstrokes as well as thin upstrokes.

embrace all that is you.jpg

Check out the video below!


If you are curious about using waterbrush pens to letter and paint simple stems with, you can check out my online classes in a few different ways!

If you are a member of Skillshare, or want to check out all the great classes available, go ahead and visit my profile for all the classes that I currently have available on the platform here. Here’s a direct link to my waterbrush calligraphy class here.

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