Fun & Easy Watercolor project for beginners

Happy beginning of spring! There’s something about longer days, filled with sunshine and above zero temps that make people happier, more optimistic and inspired to use color!

I thought I’d share a fun and easy watercolor project for beginners that is sure to boost your creative spirit and mood!

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My top hand lettering tools for beginners

For hand lettering and calligraphy fans, it’s such an exciting time to explore this skill and craft. There are many different lettering tools available on the market now to help you with your lettering projects. Far more than when I first started out for sure!!

Calligraphy and lettering is a large part of what makes up the design end of my business. I’ve even started teaching other the craft through workshops and classes.

I often get questions about which class to start with, or which tool to use, so I thought I’d share with you a quick video that I made demonstrating my top hand lettering tools for beginners!

To help you get a better understanding for all the lettering tools available, I’ve narrowed down my top hand lettering tools for beginners

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l.i.d's ART SHOP needs YOUR help!

We need to select three of these watercolour insect prints to create a trio for the ART SHOP and need your help!

Inspired by a recent trip to the ROM {Royal Ontario Museum}, and these lovely but creepy creatures,

collage insectsI painted in watercolour and preserved my own collection of insects and am grouping them

as a series of 3 framable prints available soon in the ART SHOP!

The hard part is to choose only three.

Here's where you come in...

insect watercolour trioShare with us which 3 insects are your favs by commenting below or by posting a comment on our Facebook Fan Page!

We'll share which 3 make the cut on Friday and see if your choices make the cut!!

Thank you!!!



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